Lake Nipissing Circle Tour

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Lake Nipissing Circle Tour
For centuries, fishermen have heard the calling.  They’re fabled to have smelt the lake and heard the fish in it.  Boasting a legendary fishery, Lake Nipissing attracts like a magnet, those with a rod and tackle box.  The historic access roads form a ribbon of perfect motorcycle roads around its entirety.  If you just need a taste of the North, a quick exit from the weariness of daily life, heed this call and ride it.

Must See: Lake Nipissing Scenic Lookouts, French River Visitor Centre, Board’s Honey Farm, North Bay Waterfront.
Distance: 300kms
Area: Lake Nipissing / North Bay
Duration: 1 Day
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When you hear the calling, you follow it.  When the sun goes down, you pull over. Not because you are tired, but out of respect to rest the wheels that have gotten you here.
You eat not by choice but out of necessity to power your journey.  Food is a time to reflect. Food is bountiful in the north. 
You stop and linger.  Along your journey you stop often to learn from those that rode before you.  You absorb the smells, and engage with the people that inspire you to carry on.
Sometimes you just need a place where you can kick stand the bike, lay in the grass, stare at the sky and be humbled.   
Just like your soul it can become undone.  Your bike is part of you, and knowing it can be put back together reassures you to carry on.